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You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.



"If you feel ready and committed to a wonderful you, Nora is your match. Her superb guidance, delicious recipes and multiple tools and tactics make living a healthy life a fun and sacred journey"

— Mariana B., Strategic Planner

“I decided to lower my blood sugar levels through food alone (my lab tests showed that I was prediabetic), so Nora designed for me a program to achieve this. And so it was: in 4 weeks and 10 days my levels were back to normal, and she has continued to monitor them every time I ask her to do so, so that they are kept that way just by eating in a healthy way. During the last two years her alliance with me has been smart, precise, pertinent, committed, and loving."

— Susana S., Consultant

“When I met Nora I never imagined she would open a door for me to such a world of possibilities. Nora is not a nutrition coach, she is a life coach and she does it with such much knowledge and so much love."

— Veronica D., Publicist