Health Coaching

                      In this time and age, there is a way to find all the information we might need for anything we might envision, and beyond.  With all the confusing and sometimes contradictory nutrition information out there, the challenge is how to truly navigate through the data and discover what serves you best.  Regarding your health, time is of the essence; there is no space for trials.  I’m here to help.

           Working with a coach serves a double purpose:  you get the right kind or information as you go along your own path, and you receive the personal support for the changes you want to introduce to your life.  All at your pace, tailored to you.

           My approach is to give the body the time and the natural resources it needs to heal itself, recover its optimal weight, come back to balance.  Real food and a healthy lifestyle are key; some of us might need a few natural supplement. Even when we think we are doing our best with our food choices, the obstacle to our commitment might be in the least expected places: our hormones, our stressful lifestyle, our own mind, etc.  Our system gets stuck with all the stressors of modern life.  This is where the art and alchemy of true health can change the tide for us .

           Recognizing what is real and nutritious is no longer a given.  We need to re-train our taste buds and our mind so that we can trust again the choices we make.

           I work with my clients individually and in groups to help them make lifestyle changes and choose health-promoting ways that produce real and lasting results. By learning in a practical way about the latest discoveries in the fledgling science of Nutrition, you will develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you and your family, improving your energy, health, and happiness.

           I like to engage on a personal level. My intent is that each session will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. We will create your own path to health, talking about all the things that matter to you, going beyond food.  Together we will find the way for you to discover what your life and body are telling you, so that you may transform your life.

           Many chronic illnesses have their root cause in our diet and lifestyle.   We can support your recovery following your primary health care practitioner's recommendations and adding the necessary fundamental elements to your life.

My wish is to help you thrive.  I hope you’ll enjoy the ride to a bright and magical you!

Group Programs: Coming Soon!


If you feel ready and committed to a wonderful you, Nora is your match. Her superb guidance, delicious recipes and multiple tools and tactics make living a healthy life a fun and sacred journey
— Mariana B., Strategic Planner
I decided to lower my blood sugar levels through food alone (my lab tests showed that I was prediabetic), so Nora designed for me a program to achieve this. And so it was: in 4 weeks and 10 days my levels were back to normal, and she has continued to monitor them every time I ask her to do so, so that they are kept that way just by eating in a healthy way. During the last two years her alliance with me has been smart, precise, pertinent, committed, and loving.
— Susana S., Consultant
When I met Nora I never imagined she would open a door for me to such a world of possibilities. Nora is not a nutrition coach, she is a life coach and she does it with such much knowledge and so much love.
— Veronica D., Publicist