Happy New Year 2016!

Welcome to Alkimia!

I am thrilled to share with you quick, useful, and awesome pieces of the wisdom that the health and wellness community is recently finding, so that you can too, live and enjoy your life to the max.

As an introduction to a delicious way of living, let's start the year off by infusing it with some joy!

If you, like me, love chocolate, you will find this mindfulness exercise addictive.
This exercise is best for people who like chocolate.  If you don't love chocolate, then try something that is delicious and nurturing, such as your favorite fruit, something you will have to chew ... mindfully.

1. Get the best quality 85% cacao chocolate you can find. 
I recommend looking for brands that do fair trade. 

2. Take a small piece of chocolate and put it in your mouth.  Resist the temptation to chew! Rather, let it melt inside your mouth.

3. Just stay very present; close your eyes and focus completely on all your perceptions: the flavor, the smell, the sensation of the warm liquid as the chocolate dissolves... 

4. Inhale slowly, pause; exhale slowly.

5. Connect to the good feelings you might find:  is it satisfaction? intense awareness? enthusiasm? joy? fun?

6. Once the chocolate has melted away, remain hang on to the feeling for a few minutes.

The secret? 

Chocolate and mindfulness help you trigger a state of contentment, of fulfillment.  In this state of presence you are let go of all stress and return to a "rest & digest" state, if only for a few minutes.  Dark chocolate is also loaded with the mineral magnesium, which we all need in greater quantities than we get, and it also awakens our "happy brain chemicals".

It's always a good time for a new beginning!

Happy and mindful 2016!